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We came up with an original way to make cornhole boards that are regulation, lightweight, and you can carry the two cornhole boards with the cornhole bags inside, in one hand like a suitcase.  Here in Fort Lauderdale South Florida, I was recently introduced to cornhole and the first thing that I noticed is how heavy the boards were when I was carrying them one at a time from the garage to the yard. I thought "I love this game and I am going to make myself a set but the weight of these boards are ridiculous, they have to be lighter". I gave it some thought and this is what I came up with- a lightweight and easily portable cornhole board suitcase that meets regulation standards. They are perfect for loading into the car and going tailgating before the game. To get a good parking spot you have to go early, getting there early leaves alot of time to kill and cornhole fills that gap, be it football, races or whatever you go to watch. We sell them unpainted or with your favorite team colors.  We have pro or college football colors, racing team colors, baseball, hockey, your company logo, whatever you like.  These cornhole boards are a full 20 lbs. lighter than other cornhole sets, are made with cabinet grade plywood and have solid wood legs that fold up for easy handling.

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