Don't buy a heavy, bulky, generic looking Cornhole set!
Easyhandlers are: regulation, furniture grade wood, routered edges, hand painted, slim design, portable, friction fastener folding legs, beautiful gloss finish and at 15 lbs per board they are light enough to carry and still heavy enough for excellent game play.

  • suitcase-cornholeAny team
  • game-cornholeRegulation finish
  • carry caseKeep it new
  • cornhole-boardsColor printing
  • portable-cornholeWith clear-coat
  • cornhole-setsSuper Light
  • cornhole-handleBeautiful
  • compact-cornholeWe'll price it
  • folding-leg-cornholeVinyl wrap
  • easy-to-carryEntertain guests
  • lightweight-cornholeLimitless

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What Is Cornhole?

Cornhole is a game that is similar to horseshoes but without the sore arm and occasional head trauma for your kids =) It is much less dangerous, easier to play, and has less wear on your arm and your lawn.  It has taken over the mid-eastern states from Georgia to Ohio by invading tailgate parties, barbeque cookouts, bars, and outdoor get-togethers.  The game is easy, fun, very competitive and social.  Be among the first people in your area to start playing with a set of our lightweight, portable cornhole boards.  Click here to see more about our unique board design.

How To Play

Cornhole is played by trying to land corn filled bags onto the cornhole boards or into the hole of the board.  Cornhole bags that come to rest on the cornhole board are worth one point and bags that go into the hole are worth three points.  The low scoring team's points are subtracted from the high scoring team's points, giving the high scoring team their score for that set and giving the low scoring team a zero for that set.  One player from each two-player team throws from beside one of the boards without stepping past the front of the board.  The two players from opposing teams at each end always alternate throws.  The distance between the two cornhole boards is 27 feet front to front.  For complete cornhole rules click here.  To browse or buy a cornhole game set click here.

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